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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Services

  • Corporate Identity
    • Creating corporate identity for real estate companies which are seeking for a difference in the construction sector.
  • Launching Events
    • Providing the professional support for launching new projects.
  • Public Relations
    • Crisis management
    • Social media
    • Media conference
    • Sales promotions
    • Product testing
    • Websites
    • Press release
    • Newsletters
  • Concept Development
    • Preparation of the architectural brief
    • Consultancy in selecting architect
    • Cooperation with the selected architect to develop concept
      • Developing the architectural concept with architects including the size and type of flats.
      • Preparation of the design brief
    • Positioning the project in the market after the necessary competitor analysis
    • Determination of the target customer profile
    • Determination of the initial sale prices


Marketing Consultancy

  • Branding
    • Name
    • Logo
    • Printed Materials
  • Preparing renders
  • Preparing catalogues
  • Managing the website design
  • Following up model making process
  • Preparing the communication strategy
    • Preparing a public relations plan
    • Preparing launch teaser
    • Preparing the strategy to reach the costumer for the project’s launch
  • Re-evaluating the marketing strategies at the end of each month according to the company’s goal.
  • Developer company’s corporate communication activities
    • Preparation of corporate communication strategy
    • Determination of PR, creative and media agencies
    • Preparation of corporate communication materials
      • Identification of the new brand
      • Preparation of brand visuals and logo
      • Preparation of corporate presentation
    • Media Planning
      • Using the right media platforms for the right target audience at the right time for improving the brand awareness effectively.

Sales Consultancy

  • Determination of the sale prices
    • Preparing detailed competitor analysis reports
    • Determination of turnover target
    • Strategic pricing / Special assessment
    • Making sales projections
    • As a result of the last evaluations, preparing the sales revenue budgets
  • Making sales presentations
  • Building a sale team and providing the necessary sales training
  • Re-evaluating sales strategies at the end of each month according to the company’s goal.
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